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East Metro Blood Bank Program Overview

Acceptance into the program:

All pets will be blood typed and tested for clotting abnormalities. If clotting is normal and the pet is a desired blood type, then additional screening tests will be given including CBC and biochemical profile.

Dogs will be screened yearly for tick borne diseases, heartworms and brucellosis. Cats will be screened yearly for leukemia, AIDS, heartworms and hemobartonella. The costs of all tests will be paid by the blood bank.

Donation Procedure:

Once accepted, pets will be scheduled for regular donations on a 90 day rotating schedule. Before each collection, the pet will receive a physical exam and minor bloodwork. Pets will be mildly sedated to ease stress and to ensure a rapid donation, which improves the quality of the blood unit. All pets will be monitored for 2 hours after donation.

Pets may stay in the program as long as they are qualified and the owners desire to continue. Owners must agree to maintain records that prove current vaccination status and administration of flea/tick/heartworm prevention.

All owners must sign a liability release for their pet to participate in the program. It is very important that owners consistently present pets for collection. If they cannot agree to the 90 day rotation, their participation in the program will be terminated. Owners will be given a schedule of future donation dates and will be called 1 week prior to the scheduled donation. Collections will be done nights and weekends at East Metro Animal Emergency Clinic in Covington.

Canine Candidates:

Feline Candidates:

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